Isabel Hartnett

Web & Graphic Designer


Fast Fashion Unadorned

Illustration, Graphic Design, Solo Project

For my final year project, I chose to highlight the non-sustainable and exploitative practices of the fast fashion industry. As part of this project, I created an illustrative storytelling parallax website. This website is designed to be used as an educational tool to inform users about the real world implications of the fast fashion industry. It is designed to appeal to a chosen demographic and promote sustainability. All elements of the design, including character creation, logo design, animation and narrative are created by me. 

TNR West - Local Animal Charity - Promo Video

Promotional Video

I worked with a local animal rescue charity to create a promotional video that highlights the importance of choosing to adopt an animal versus buying an animal. The video tells the story of 'Susie', who was rescued and re-homed by TNR West from a life of cruelty and neglect. 

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UX Design Proposal Project

App Design - User Experience project

As part of a college assignment, I created an app design that utilises psychological techniques to adapt and modify users' behavioural patterns and alter their attitudes towards food. 

Animated Parallax Website

Web Development & Design

As part of a group project in year two, I helped to design a parallax website about the importance of using public transport in Ireland to reduce CO2 Emissions and help the environment. The website was shortlisted for the 'Transport for Ireland' competition. I personally worked on the web design and graphics while my team member worked on coding and web development. 

Screenshot 2019-12-02 at 21.21.13.png
Book Cover Design

Illustration Typography Project - First Year College.

This is a book cover that I designed and created using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. 'Pan's Labyrinth' is a book on which one of my favourite films is based. This was done as part of an assignment for college. I believe that my overall design reflects the film's aesthetics.

"Coming to Ireland" - Documentary, Group Project

Video Project - 2nd year of college

This is a short documentary film that I created with two fellow students as part of a group project. The film is about the experience of immigrants coming to live and study in Ireland.

Product Shot - Photography

Photography - First year of college assignment

I created this in a photography studio and photographed the perfume myself. The purpose of the project was to take a product shot of any product you wanted and to create an advertisement.


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